Braces For Children

Many children will find that they are good candidates for braces. In fact, we begin observing children at the age of 7. This is an important time to watch for normal growth and development.

If issues are present, starting the first phase of therapy is crucial. Most children will receive braces between the ages of 11 to 15, although younger children can receive them depending on the conditions. Once adult teeth begin to grow in, the orthodontist will know whether braces are needed. Having this consultation is beneficial and generally doesn’t cost much.


Reasons Why Your Child Should Get Braces

There are several important reasons to consider braces for your children.



When the teeth are crooked, it makes flossing and brushing much more difficult. Children tend to experience more cavities when they haven’t had braces. This means more dental work!

The threat of gum disease and gingivitis is also present when children can’t properly clean their teeth. Compare the cost of braces to the overall cost of all the treatments including fillings, root canals and more and you will see that braces are a good investment.




When the child’s teeth are straight it can create a lot of confidence for them. Having a beautiful smile will make them less self-conscious and friendlier. They will feel better about themselves and have a better outlook on life.


Improves Breathing


Braces are about more than just teeth. They help to improve the overall structure of the mouth. When your child’s roof of the mouth is misaligned with the teeth and jaw, it can lead to breathing issues. Orthodontics help to alleviate these breathing concerns by helping the mouth move into its proper shape. This keeps your children happy and healthy.


No matter what your concerns might be, your orthodontist is ready to help you make wise decisions for your children. We are trained and skilled to handle even the toughest cases. It is never too early to start preparing for your child’s dental needs. By taking the steps to straighten the teeth, you are allowing your child to grow up with a happy and healthy smile.

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