Orthodontists in Chicago IL Offer Top of the Line Braces for Adults

Most people consider braces to be a dental treatment exclusively for children and teenagers. In reality, braces are becoming more and more common among patients who are young adults, middle-aged, and beyond. A person’s age should not be an impediment to receiving treatment for dental issues. Braces are a great way to address misaligned teeth, fix improper bite patterns, and create an all-around more attractive smile. No matter your age, your orthodontist can help you find a solution that will leave your teeth healthier and more aesthetic.


Categories of Braces for Adults:


Fixed (Conventional) Braces

Fixed braces are the type which everyone is familiar with. They consist of brackets cemented to the outside surfaces of teeth that are connected with a wire. Movement of the teeth is achieved by systematic adjustments of the wire, which is responsible for exerting the desired forces. The time frame for this type of treatment generally falls between several months and two years, during which time the wire is periodically adjusted as the teeth are moved into their ideal positions. Retainers are often made for patients once treatment is complete, preventing teeth from relapsing to their previous misalignment.


Ceramic Braces

Like fixed braces, ceramic braces consist of brackets and wires that shift teeth over time. What makes ceramic braces unique is their appearance—they can be customized to match the color of the teeth, making them a much better option than metal braces for patients who demand optimal aesthetics.


Lingual Braces

“Lingual” refers to the tongue and, in the world of dentistry, refers to the inside surfaces of the teeth—those closes to the tongue. Although not as common as ceramic or fixed braces, in some cases patients can opt to have the brackets and wires confined to the inside surfaces of teeth. Obviously, this variety may not be as comfortable, but they are highly aesthetic since they are virtually undetectable.


Clear Braces or “Clear Aligners”

Clear aligner therapy continues to grow in its usage, as it offers tremendous aesthetics and ease of wear. Invisalign is perhaps the most commonly known brand of clear aligners—a system in which patients wear a transparent appliance similar to a slim mouth guard for 18 hours or more per day. Each aligner is swapped for a new one every few weeks as the teeth begin to move into their desired position. The subsequent aligners are all different from the last, placing new forces on the teeth as they move sequentially over time. The aligners are removed for eating and brushing purposes, making them much friendlier to the teeth in terms of cleanliness and comfort. Needless to say, Invisalign is the most aesthetic of all braces options, as they are nearly invisible (as the name implies!) Perhaps the only downside to Invisalign is that it is most effective for patients whose orthodontic needs are relatively simple.


No matter what your orthodontic needs may be, or what aesthetic desires you have during treatment, your orthodontist can help you decide on braces that are best for your situation. 

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