Dealing with Soreness from Your Chicago IL Braces

While braces don’t typically hurt, it is possible for there to be a small amount of discomfort once they are put on. This is a common issue that many people face. There are many solutions to help ease this time for you. Follow our simple tips.


What Causes the Soreness?

Soreness comes from the added pressure that is applied to the teeth to make them move. This pain doesn’t generally last for long and is a sign that things are working the way they should.

There are several ways that you can alleviate some of this discomfort.




You can use a warm mouth rinse to alleviate some discomfort. Simply mix a teaspoon of salt and 8-ounces of warm water. Then, gently swish this around in your mouth and spit. This can be done as often as necessary to ease the pain.


Over the Counter Medications


If you find that soreness is tough to deal with and the rinses aren’t working, you could opt to take an over the counter pain reliever instead. Generally, some Advil or Tylenol will do the trick and you shouldn’t need to take it for long.


Other Causes for Soreness

In addition to the pressure on the teeth, you may be feeling some discomfort on the sides of your mouth. This can be caused by scratches from the braces. In addition, your lips, tongue and gums can also be the target of these uncomfortable cuts and bruises.


This is nothing to worry about even though it might be uncomfortable. To resolve the issue, simply place a small amount of dental wax on the area of the braces that are coming in contact with your mouth.This will help to prevent further scratching. There are also mouth rinses that can help to alleviate soreness.


Before treating any mouth soreness, be sure you speak with your dentist. It is important that the dentist is aware of the issues you are facing. Then, you will be given directions on what treatments will work best for your concerns. Just remember, soreness is not a sign that something is wrong and will generally resolve itself within a few days.

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